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The Care Homes Directory is a leading website which has been around for more than 15 years providing services and information in the care, nursing homes, home care and nursing agencies sector. Our ethos is that all people should get excellent care in their later life. Our care consultant and manager has a lifetime experience for us to tap into, We feel passionately on all aspects of care for the elderly!!

We offer many service for both the public and providers a like, we have a large database with 25,0000+ data entries on care homes/agencies/suppliers and provide tools to help providers get their maximum leads. Our database is update weekly from multiple locations and sources to keep our data as fresh as possible. We do not sell personal information although we may provide a list on a CDROM but only containing information the public can already access (eg.. no email etc..), there may also be a small administration fee. We also hold information which is not published.

Chris Elsen is the websites Data Handler and author of this document. He is responsible for the data in our database and is the Data Controller for ICO compliance any queries regarding data please use our contact form to message us or you can leave feedback.

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