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Enhanced Listing

For FREE you can customise your entry directly from your PC which will be displayed in The Care Homes Directory on the Internet. You can include any information that you feel is important such as room availability, special facilities, fees, overview of your home alowing you to enter some text, etc.. If you have a photograph you can upload this as well.

All participating Homes and Agencies are prominently placed in both our Directory and built-in search listings, above non featured entries. This provides our visitors with up to date information and increases your chances of contacts. Please click here for further information and sign-up details.

Feature List

  • Upload 5 images of your home
  • Up to 1Mb high resolution images
  • Manage your homes care and nursing specialisms
  • List the activities your home provides
  • Add your social media accounts, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter supported
  • Manage your basic entry in the main directory
  • Show current bed vacancies on your listing

The Care Homes Directory invites Care Managers to promote their Nursing Home, Care Home, Nursing Agency or Homecare Agency in our Directory. Use of this facility is simplicity itself, the following is an example of what can be achieved:

Advertise Your Care Home Here, Bushey, Hertfordshire

Control Panel Screenshots

Below are some screen shots of the enhanced listings control panel and listing page so you can get an idea of our control panel, please click an image to enlarge it to the normal size.

Screen shot of our control panel editor and gallery   Screen shot of our edit provider data panel    
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