Myth: No one likes living in a care home for any length of time
Truth: The truth is that some people do prefer to live in a nursing or care home, rather than living at home and trying to gain access to the services they need. Some older people find it reassuring to have the support that they need provided by a good nursing home. Not only are they provided with medical care, socialdisation, and a safe environment, they can also be assured that their families are less worried about their care. This can make the experience of moving into a care home a positive one for all concerned.

Myth: You should start looking into nursing homes when you really need one.
Truth: Don't wait. Explore your options before you or your loved one need a Care Home. This then allows you ample time to ask questions and make informed choices. Ask about registration, staff credentials, availability of primary healthcare providers, cost, activities, and facilities. Talk to residents, staff, and residents' relatives. A lot of the best care homes have long waiting lists. If you have a loved one who does not need a nursing home yet, but has a progressive illness such as Alzheimer's, it can be a good idea to get on a waiting list well ahead of time. Looking into nursing home options ahead of time also gives you time to work on financial planning.

Myth: Once you enter a nursing home, you will stay there for good.
Truth: Older adults do take longer to recover from illness and injuries than younger people. Therefore some may not be well enough to be at home following surgery or conditions such as heart attacks and strokes, even though they may be well enough to leave the hospital. For these people the convalescence provided by nursing homes is a temporary option for a few weeks or months. They will in most cases be able to return to independent living or to living with their family.

Myth: There is nothing to do when you are in a nursing home
Truth: This is patently not true. A good care home will provide a lively social environment with plenty of activities, including trips for those who are physically capable. Not only will many care homes organise group activities, but will also actively encourage you to spend time with friends and family outside the care home. Depending upon your medical condition, overnight and weekend visits may be easily arranged.

Myth: Most older adults will live for many years in a nursing home and eventually die there.
Truth: The truth is that at this time, fewer than ten percent of older adults need nursing home care.

Author John Elsen
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