Lifestyle linked to memory ability across all age groups

Lifestyle linked to memory ability across all age groups
A new study carried out by the University of California Longevity Centre has found that lifestyle habits in young adults can affect their memory. The centre surveyed 18,552 young adults, aged between 18 and 99,  and questioned them on lifestyle and health factors. The study found that a lot of the factors affected memory across all age groups. Of all those polled 20% complained of memory loss including 22% of young adults and 26% of the elderly group. The single biggest contributory cause of memory loss was cited as depression. Other factors included obesity, smoking, lack of exercise and high blood pressure. The researchers concluded that education helped prevent young people from developing mental health issues and could help reduce memory decline. 
Director of the UCLA Longevity Center, Dr. Gary Small said: "In this study, for the first time, we determined these risk factors may also be indicative of early memory complaints, which are often precursors to more significant memory decline later in life."
Head of research at Alzheimers Research UK, Dr Simon Ridley said: "This study adds to previous evidence exploring some common risk factors for dementia and might add further to suggestions that health and lifestyle factors are linked to memory problems."
“This study and others add to the evidence that physical exercise is one of the better ways to reduce risk of developing dementia, although there is unfortunately no certain way of preventing it."
“Anyone who is concerned that they may be depressed or are worried about their lifestyle should consult their GP.”

Created: 2014-06-06 14:11:07
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